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მაღალი წარმადობის ციფრული საბეჭდი დანადგარები

GL Series printers are unparalleled in the industry, handling high-volume printing at 165 pages per minute.* They offer impressive reliability that belies their compact stature. And they have the flexibility to handle short-run transactional printing.

*Available on ComColor GL9730, A4 long-edge feed.


Count less than 5 seconds for your first print. The flat paper path under the printheads ensures high printing speed with minimised offset. You can handle up to 140 pages per minute and benefit from a record availability rate.

Thanks to the feed mechanism on the ComColor FW black-and-white printer, you can print at 600×600 dpi in duplex mode up to A3 format without any loss of speed, i.e. at 140 ppm. This enables you to respond to all your print requests in a record time.

Thanks to the ComColor FT’s feed mechanism, you can print in duplex mode with no loss of speed, i.e. at 100 ppm up to A4 format. This will significantly increase your productivity and reduce your paper consumption!

The ComColor GL7430 offers you a print speed of up to 140 pages per minute with a guaranteed optimum availability rate. This enables you to respond to all your print requests in a record time.

Модель формата А4 со скоростью 90 полноцветных страниц в минуту и двумя дополнительными лотками.

რიზოგრაფები, www.poly.ge

RISO ComColor GL9730




RISO ComColor GL7430

RISO ComColor FW 5000

imagePRESS C270 Series

imagePRESS C910 Series

imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX C5800 Series

imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX C3800 Series

A superb range of production presses with speeds of up to 90ppm and flexible media handling of up to 350gsm.

Advance your finishing and scanning capabilities with robust and reliable A3 mono multifunction devices.

Secure, sustainable A3 mono multifunction devices with integrated cloud-based software to expedite printing and document digitisation.

Canon varioPRINT 140

Canon imagePRESS V1350


8700 Series


6800 Series

A fast, durable, high-quality, and high-volume Digital Color Press with innovative technology for high levels of automation.

Redefining mid production printing, the varioPRINT 140 delivers a stunning all-round performance. With class-leading reliability, superior image quality and supreme output speeds, this monochrome printer is built for business.

კომპანიის შესახებ

კომპანია პოლიგრაფი დაარსდა 1997 წელს როგორც პოლიგრაფიული ტექნიკის მიწოდების და მომსახურეობის კომპანია.

26 წლის მანძილზე ჩვენ დავაგროვეთ საკმაოდ დიდი გამოცდილება პოლიგრაფიული ტექნიკის მიწოდების და პროექტების შედგენის სფეროში. თქვენ მოგემსახურებათ გამოცდილ პროფესიონალთა ჯგუფი, რომლებიც გაგიწევენ კვალიფიციურ კონსულტაციებს თქვენთვის საინტერესო თემებზე.



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